Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a Tutor with LVCC.  Please read carefully these instructions before completing your online application.
  1. Fill out every field in the application form.  You will get an error message if required fields are not completed.
  2. Click SEND, once you complete the form.
  3. Before you leave please consider making a donation to support LVCC.

All tutors and volunteers must undergo a criminal background check. If you are unwilling to undergo such a check, please do not submit an application.



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  1. Never give out personal information about a tutor, student, or volunteer.
  2. Refer any request of information relating to LVCC tutors, students, or volunteers to the appropriate staff.
  3. Personal information about a tutor, student, or volunteer should only be shared on a need to know basis.
As a tutor/student/volunteer for LVCC, I understand in the course of my service, I may learn information about students, tutors, volunteers, or staff which is confidential: e.g. finances, living arrangements. I understand all such information shall be treated as completely confidential even after I terminate my services with LVCC. I agree not to disclose any information of a personal and /or confidential nature to any person not authorized by LVCC to have such information, without specific consent of the individual to whom such information pertains. Failure to comply with this Confidentiality Agreement will result in release from affiliation with LVCC.


As an LVCC tutor, I agree to do my best to carry out the following tutor responsibilities:
  1. Begin or schedule tutoring within two weeks after completion if training.
  2. Agree to a minimum of one year of tutoring service to LVCC.
  3. Maintain confidentiality.
  4. Respect students' rights and understand their responsibilities.
  5. Promptly complete time sheets and student attendance reports as requested.
  6. Attend in-service training workshops and roundtables as requested.
  7. Return all materials when I complete my tutor experience.
I have read, and understand, the responsibilities expected of me as a representative of LVCC.
I understand I will be contacted for a personal interview.
Your information will never be shared with any third party.
Please consider a $50 donation. Thank you!