Conducted both at the LVCC office and off-site at various community centers. Classes are held weekly at the LVCC office covering beginning, intermediate and upper intermediate levels. The purposes of these classes are (1) to provide a learning opportunity for those who are waiting for a tutor; (2) to make the best use of limited resources when individual tutors are not available for all students; (3) to maintain student interest in the program; and (4) to reach out to various groups that are less mobile and more likely to work well in group settings close to home. These classes are 1½ to 3 hours in length and require considerable preparation on the part of instructors. Some classes require 3 or 4 instructors, each working with 3 to 12 students grouped, to the extent possible, according to literacy level.

Staff support for these activities include the admission and interviewing of all the students who attend the classes at the LVCC center and of some of the students attending elsewhere, monitoring sessions both at the LVCC center and off-site, providing guidance and support for the instructors, including appropriate student materials and texts, establishing liaison with personnel from off-site centers, setting class schedules, assessing student levels, keeping student records. Staff support requires approximately 12% of total staff time.