In today’s global society business is increasingly being conducted across borders with English often being used as an international language of communication . The ability to use English in the workplace has a number of benefits including: Helping your company to succeed, building trust with colleagues and clients, building and improving international relationships, enhancing your skill-set, commanding a higher salary and enhancing interaction relationships through cultural understanding.

The ability to communicate in English is a huge asset to many companies and organisations including those who do not use English as an official language.  Companies who conduct business internationally are likely to be engaging with people who speak English as a first or second language on a regular basis making the ability to use English in the workplace a very valuable skill.

A good knowledge of English allows you to communicate effectively with international clients, helping them to trust you and your organisation resulting in strong and lasting business relationships.  People who use English for their work on a daily basis need to be able to use English for a variety of purposes including in meetings and negotiations, for managing, writing reports, giving presentations and in social situations.  Being able to communicate and negotiate successfully with clients who speak English makes your skill-set more attractive to companies who conduct business internationally meaning employees who speak English can often command higher salaries.

It is estimated that over 50% of the pages on the internet are written in English which means that more online information is available to people who can read English.  Having access to so much more information can make a real difference to your professional life, even if you don’t work with colleagues or clients who speak English.  You may find that information from a website written in English may help you to understand a project better or provide some useful information for a report.

If you can speak English with confidence there is a good chance that you have either studied or experienced English culture to some extent.  This cultural understanding can be valuable for employers who want to work with or sell to English speaking countries.