• This course will prepare students to take the U.S. Citizenship test.  It will cover topic as Civics, the U.S. government, history, geography, reading and writing.  It will also include practice how to study for the test.  It is recommended students taking this course have an English Low Intermediate level.  All course materials will be provided.
  • This is an online learning course. Each lesson asks students to actively apply their learning of digital skills to help them solve real-world problems. Students watch videos that instruct them step-by-step on how to build digital skills. Students complete lessons on their own time. Teacher support will be available. This course will prepare students with the digital skills necessary for today’s jobs. (Excel, Word, PPT, Email, etc.)
  • Classes will provide online instruction via an integrated language acquisition course with focus on all four skill areas of English: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Flexible schedule to meet the needs of the students.  Students will have classroom coursework to achieve language proficiency.
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